10 Game of Thrones Quizzes for TV Fans & Book Readers

The weekend is almost upon us, and for your intellectual activity for these days of rest, we present a terrific collection Game of Thrones (books & TV show) quizzes via Sporcle, which should keep you occupied with some fun trivia for a short while.

1. A Hodor Start

Starting you off easily.

2. The Stark and Their Direwolves

In the first episode of Game of Thrones, the Star children receive six Direwolves pups. Who gets who?

3. Know Thy Game of Thrones House

Houses in Westeros are more than just names… or castles. There is plenty to know about each of them, and this is where you prove your GOT houses knowledge.

4. GOT Quotes

Someone on Game of Thrones uttered one of these quotes. But who?

5. Dead or Alive – Game of Thrones Edition

A quiz that tries to see how well you know what’s going on in the show, by asking you to point out who is no longer among the living in Game of Thrones (people resurrected not included).

6. Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones

The two series have been compared many times. Here’s your chance to show you can tell the difference.

7. The Top 300

There are A LOT of characters in the A Song of Ice and Fire books. Some more integral to the plot than others. Do you know who?

8. Game of Thrones on Twitter

A fun little quiz, asking you to find the character behind these fictional tweets. The characters are also fictional by the way.

9. Match the Game of Thrones Character to the Limerick

For people with some love for poetry and a very good memory and the people we’ve come across in the show.

10. General Things from A Song of Ice and Fire

A not too easy quiz about some family members, great houses names, ruling castles and Daenerys’ dragons. Certainly for someone who has read all the books, and probably keeps tabs on what’s going on.