Gameloft Brings Two Big Franchises to the New Apple TV

Gameloft, one of the most important social game developers and publishers in the world, has announced that two of its most successful titles are coming to the new Apple TV.

When the French digital publisher isn’t busy taking home awards for the Asphalt racing video game series, it focuses on such entertaining titles such as the dragon breeding combat mobile game Dragon Mania Legends, or the mobile hack and slash RPG Dungeon Hunter 5. Both of these were launched in 2015, so Apple TV users won’t be able to complain about not getting fresh content. Besides that, when Gameloft made this announcement, it referred to these as two of its biggest franchises, but after glancing at its catalogue, it would be really difficult for anyone to pick the smallest ones.

Dragon Mania Legends is said to be the most adventurous dragon-raising and battling game, and the fact that it moves from smartphone and tablet displays to large TV screens can only be a good thing. There’s no doubt that the game is a lot more immersive when being played on a large display. Of course, it would be even more so if VR were included in the mix, in some way or another. On top of that, there’s also more interaction now, as gamers can now pet their dragons using the Siri Remote, something that definitely wouldn’t have been possible on the other platforms.

Dungeon Hunter 5, on the other hand, is a very intense hack n’ slash RPG with some really impressive graphics that will only look better on a larger display. Provided the performance of the Apple TV, correlated with the large television sets this set top box gets connected to, Dungeon Hunter 5 will literally enter a new dimension. While simpler games, such as the aforementioned Dragon Mania Legends, can be played without any problems using nothing more than just the Siri Remote, you might be more comfortable using a gamepad for more complex games, like this one. Apple actually recommends getting the SteelSeries Nimbus wireless gaming controller, which can be bought for $49.95 on Apple’s website, in case you forgot to bundle one with your Apple TV at the moment of purchase. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find this one (or for that matter any Apple TV products) on Amazon, as the Seattle-based e-tailer promised a few months ago to pull off these products and kept its word.

Both Dragon Mania Legends and Dungeon Hunter 5 can be downloaded for free from Apple TV’s App Store right away, so gamers who are anxious to try their dragon-raising or monster slashing won’t have to wait patiently for the games to be released on this platform. Gameloft is even working on a complete catalog covering all game genres for Apple TV, so gamers who have an affinity for this platform will definitely get their share of entertainment.

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