The Ultimate Gadget Bag for Every Geek

CES 2012 boasted plenty of geeky products. Our favorite was the Powerbag by RFA Brands for the nerd or geek on-the-go. The product line consists of several bag types that are prewired for your favorite gadgets, iPad, and other tablets.

What makes it geeky:

Every real geek has more than one gadget that requires charging, and the Powerbag backpack is the ideal way to hold your laptop, tablet, phones, MP3 players, and even Bluetooth headsets, while keeping them charged. There are also special compartments perfect in size for your external hard drives, optical drives, power cords, USB cables – you name it, if it’s something you struggle to keep organized, the Powerbag can do it for you.


  • Backpack is lightweight, comfortable, has ample padding, and adjustable straps.
  • Can charge up to four gadgets at once.
  • Prewired to special compartments sized to fit even the latest phones, tablets, MP3 players, etc.
  • USB charging port is conveniently located to charge gadgets that will not fit in mobile phone sized pocket.
  • Choices of power packs: 3000 mAh, 6000 mAh, and 9000 mAh


  • Wiring for micro and mini USB connections are a little short for gadgets with a charging port located on the lower section of the device. The cable had a tendency to come out of the charging port during testing. The remedy was to flip the device so the port would be topside.
  • Micro and mini USB chargers are wired to the same pocket so you can only use one of the two at a time.

Testing results:

The battery pack comes 80% charged, otherwise, you plug into any a/c outlet for a couple of hours.

I received my Powerbag (backpack from F?l Collection) the first day of CES. I no longer had the need to keep phone in pocket connected to laptop in a messenger bag via USB cable just to charge the device. People no longer walk up to me and say, “excuse me, but you have a cable dragging on the floor.” After an adjustment on the length of straps, the bag was very comfortable. There were no issues with weight of the 3 pound Thinkpad, plus three 9-cell batteries, phone, cables, Within the two major compartments, you can easily carry up to a 17″ laptop, plus up to 12″ laptop, netbook, AND a tablet, MP3 player, a couple of extra drives, extra batteries, power cables for the laptops, and believe it or not, you still have room. The well-constructed Powerbag has passed all durability tests with flying colors!

The Powerbag was able to charge an iPhone S4 and a HTC Sensation (Android) within 45 minutes. Charging a tablet takes just a little longer. Fellow geek friends and CES 2012 attendees who were shown the bag wanted one of their own.

It is not only geeks who want and need to be organized. The Powerbag is ideal for anyone, especially students and the geek on-the-go. New Powerbag Collections for 2012:

Powerbag will introduce several bags from its three collections this year, including:

  • Urban Collection – For the young urbanite, these sleek bags accommodate everything for an on-the-go digital lifestyle, including special pockets for your tablet, cellphone and MP3 player. Thecollection will feature the Underground Backpack, Crosstown Messenger, and Rebel Backpack.
  • Executive Collection – For the professional that values form and function, these bags are
    equipped with the latest in traveler conveniences like the TSA-friendly “Fly Flat” feature as well
    as a larger battery for extended use. This collection will host the Business Class Pack backpack,
    the Instant Messenger, Rolling Office and Business Class Case.
  • Ful Collection – Ful designs stylish bags that appeal to a diverse set of shoppers and lifestyles
    from students to seasoned business professionals on-the-go. These bags house the ultimate
    charging system disguised as the coolest bag you’ll ever use. Bags in this collection include the
    Deluxe Backpack, Backpack, Sling, Tablet Messenger, Messenger and Wheeled Briefcase.

Where to Buy:

Powerbag is available now starting at $139.99, at Best Buy, OfficeMax, QVC, F.Y.E., WirelessZone,, select college and airport stores and at

So, regardless of your style of living, there is a Powerbag for you, and with their new 9000 battery pack, you need not worry about trying to find an electrical outlet to charge your phone or favorite gadget, because the Powerbag has it all.