15 Epic Fail Valentine’s Day Tattoos

Inking yourself in the name of love is one of the most cliched Valentine’s day  act and is right next to gifting chocolate and flowers.!–more–>  However, there are some tattoos that exist in the Universe,  that will even make Saint Valentine turn in his grave< and give our readers at Walyou a hearty laugh. So without further adieu, check out some of the worst Valentine’s Day Tattoos that scream EPC FAIL.

Long Distance Love

Never underestimate the power of a long distance relationship or the impact of zip-codes.

Beautiful “Tradgedy”

If only there was a spell check for tattoos, sigh.

Unbreak My Heart

This fellow pulls a Depp quite unsuccessfully. Covering his ex-girlfriend name with a fugly “void”  is not the brightest of move.

Shot To Heart. .You Give Love A Bad Name

The tattoo says it all; unfortunately.


Men can be such neanderthals when it comes to romance.

Remembering You Fontly

This fellow channelizes the hidden stalker in him by immortalizing his lover’s name in all the possible fonts.

I Heart mmm Hearts

Nothing says love than tattooing hearts on your face.

Get Your Geek On

We are all about being geeky, but Mr and Mrs Pac-Man tattoos are just too cheesy.


Two chipmunks with a giant throbbing heart seem to be the epitome of romance these days.

Nothing Says Love Than Getting Smacked Around

You don’t need to be a feminist to think EPIC FAIL!

Dicking Around

No they are not beef jerky prunes, but two penises immortalizing their love.

Love Never Die

Mmmm maybe, but we do wish the tattoo does!

Love Birds

Love makes your flies high, but this tattoo only makes us wonder why?

True Love

Who needs a man, when a vibrator is always just within a reach?

Unrequited Love Sucks

This fellow immortalized a messy triangle on his foreman. Our advice? This wont help you score any brownie points with Njoel man. Next time try flowers.