How Does Your Child Measure Up to Geek Culture Icons?

Parents and children love tracking growth, having a visual reminder of just how much a child has grown over a period of time. Tick lines on a doorway are the simplest method, but certainly not the coolest. Growth charts are a way to not only record height over time, but to compare that height to something else. This geeky growth chart will show how your child measures up to some of nerd culture’s most popular characters. Most likely, you’ll find yourself seeing who you measure up to once you have the thing set up, as well.

geeky growth chart

Geeky Growth Chart Real Life View

At the bottom of the chart is a pile of Tribbles from Star Trek: The Original Series, which reach a combined height of about 8 inches. If your kid is a Yoda, they’ll top off at 2 feet in height. The next landmark is trusty droid R2-D2 at about 3’4″, followed by The Lord of the Rings’ Frodo at a Hobbit-height of 3’10”. Princess Leia reaches 5 feet in stature, topped by a Doctor Who Dalek which stretches up to 6 inches higher depending on where you measure.

The Enterprise’s Mr. Spock reaches just over 6 feet in height, but still ends up dwarfed by Darth Vader at a towering 6’8″. The silhouettes of these characters are a great way to show the height, and despite lacking any detail other than the shape and a single color, it’s pretty easy to identify who or what they represent. It also makes it easy to see the marks you’ll add to record a child’s height and the date. Of course, this also provides room to jot down other landmarks if your child would like to match up to someone else, whether that be mom, dad, an older sibling, or Han Solo.

Designer Geeky Dad was kind enough to provide a high quality image file you can use to have your own version of this chart printed. Presumably, if you have a bit of graphic design skill, you could even add some custom silhouettes of your own for your personal copy. For more child-friendly geekiness, don’t miss the Star Wars Alphabet and Star Trek Hot Wheels.