iPad 2 Virtual Windows: A 3D Environment With No Glasses!

While the iPad is certainly a great tool to use around the office or for school, many developers have created apps that certainly expand the limits as to what a tablet is capable of. With it’s new duel core A5 processor, amazing and fast graphics, and the front/back facing camera, the iPad two has opened a whole new set of doors for functionality and app development.

Viewing pictures on the iPad is cool and all,  but what if it were possible to see a picture in a new 3D environment? Developer ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects seeks to do just this with their new virtual window, the iPad 2 Window.

Using the iPads new front facing camera and face detection software, the app can adjust an on screen image of anyone who is in front of the iPad, creating an illusion of a 3D environment. The creation of a realistic landscape in front of the user is created on the iPad by slightly moving the image around, though it is only suggested to be used by one person at a time,

If the user is in possession of an iPhone, they will also be able to change the image on the screen, and even connect with friends using the front facing camera as well.

Using the iPad in this way, the creators hope to create “a visual connection between two physically separated spaces,” architecture and technology. This will also be helping the environment, as the project will be using upcycled iPad 2s, reducing environmental impact. Certainly the project is expanding the uses of the tablet as a whole, and proving that in the world of technology, anything can happen and be created.

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Via: Melbourne Architects