Star Wars: Revenge of the Shuttlecock

Video leaked from the Jedi Temple shows Denmark taking on China in an interesting game of badminton. That has got to be one hot shuttlecock.

Videos of lightsaber fights are all over the Internet. Creators take mundane videos from the news or sports events and add the blue, green or red glow of a lightsaber to immediately make the clip more interesting. The video below is no exception.

Sure badminton can be interesting by itself, but the thought that someday this could be in the Olympics is enough to make any Star Wars fanboy smile. This clip from YouTube was created by “bamosbellamy” to practice skills in After Effects. The popular motion graphics program is one of the main programs people use to create viral lightsaber videos.


You’ll note that the Denmark team uses blue lightsabers (generally good), and the Chinese team uses red lightsabers (usually evil). The realist in me says it’s because those are the colors of the uniforms of the teams, while the politician senses conspiracy. The geek in me tells me to shut up and watch the great tribute / fun take on a classic racquet game.

It’s a wonder why George Lucas hasn’t taken the liberty of producing a Star Wars sports movie. Sure, pod racing could be considered a sport, and so could the arena scene in Episode II, but besides those examples, where are the sports? I’m sure the folks on the Death Star had some type of daily sporting activity to keep their senses sharp.


Quick Fact: the Denmark team won the 2011 Yonex All England Open Championships title. Ah, behold the power of the force.

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