Baby Geek On Board: 24 Hacked Strollers for the Nerdy Family

Children are the future. They are the ones that will inherit our blogs, our World of Warcraft accounts and our sci-fi collections when we can no longer sit in front of the computer. To make sure that our geek legacy will be taken care of carefully, we have to raise our kids in a proper environment. Below is the list of 24 geekiest strollers and carriages to geek-ify your kids while they are still toddlers. 

Star Wars AT-AT Stroller

Created by Mr. Rick Russo from a modified “Baby Trend Trendsport Lite”, the AT-AT  stroller does not only have the terrifying shape of a Star Wars walker but also come with a variety of cool gadgets for baby entertainment. May the Force be with you and your kid!

Star Wars R2-D2 Stroller

Via: Wondering Goblin

Spotted in Brooklyn with Princess Leia, this ultra cool R2-D2 stroller is obviously a product of overwhelming Star Wars fandom. To add to its geekiness, the baby is even dressed up like Luke Skywalker.

Solar Powered Stroller

Via: Damn Cool Pics

Kids are also the ones who will have to pick up pieces from the mess we have created on the planet and turn it in green again, so it makes perfect sense for them to start going green now. This beautiful concept was exhibited at Tokyo Design Week.

Foldable Stroller

Via: Bit Rebels

This futuristic stroller, designed by Ascanio Afan de Rivera, can be transformed into several different forms and can also be folded to fit into your luggage when you are traveling. Composed of only 11 parts, the stroller is remarkably solid and will carry your child in the most comfortable and majestic way.

Wheel Stroller

Via: Bornrich

Featuring the protective textile material to cover your baby’s delicate skin from the harmful UV rays, Liviu Tudoran’s stroller concept also has projectors and speakers to help your child sleep, as well as to keep him/her entertained.

Smart Baby Case

Via: Yaz very own Strollers Safe Haven

Designer Pouyan Mokhtarani has come up with a  wonderful concept that minimize your totally human baby to just one piece of luggage, ironically dubbed as “Smart Baby Case”. You put the baby in there naked, and an “auto-diaper” feature cleans up any unfortunate occurrences. Air filters keep the air clean. An baby monitor lets you check in on your baby without moving your neck. Simply creepy.

Samsonite’s Strolley

Via: GadgetHer

Strolley is a smart travel suitcase that also functions as a foldaway baby stroller. The side of the strolley opens into a baby stroller, that allows you to carry babies around comfortably while managing your luggage at the same time.

4Mom Automated Baby Stroller


Via: mark_pascua

4Mom in 2009 introduced an automated baby stroller that can collapse by itself. The stroller is powered by a rechargeable generator. It gets more power with every 300 feet of movement. It’s also environmentally friendly, with the plastic being from 90% of recycled materials.

Taga Hybrid Bike-Stroller

Via: Green Prophet

The Tage is a multifunctional urban vehicle which works as a bike, a stroller, a biking stroller. It’s good for little kids (babies), bigger kids too, as well as twins and kids of all sizes.

One-Wheeled Stroller

Via: Boing Boing

Covered with a UV stable and non-toxic leadfree plasticized coating, Mojo Workin’s one-wheeled stroller is supposed to be incredibly strong and durable. A single 10″ inflatable tire gives the stroller the ability to transverse all kinds of terrain.

Slide and Guide

Via: Thing Ama Baby

Colin Campbell, a father of three, has replaced a standard four-wheel stroller configuration with two arc-shaped wheel assemblies. Each assembly sports 9 to 12 inline skate (roller blade) wheels mounted on a curved piece of plywood which allows the stroller to traverse street curbs and even stairs with ease.

Three-Wheeled Stroller

Via: Across-the-Board

Here comes the three-wheeled stroller to complete the all-kind-of-wheel stroller collection. The traditional stroller has been modded into an elegant design that is very likely to win any stroller race.

Military-Inspired Stroller

Via: Craziest Gadgets

Officially called Oakley Roddler and unofficially Hummer of Stroller, this military-inspired stroller will undoubtedly toughen your kid and make him an ultimate Army brat.

The Roddler

Via: Trend Squad

KidKustoms has introduced its new custom stroller called The Roddler meant for rich kids. Apart from an excellent custom pearl paint job, The Roddler features various high-tech goodies such as bluetooth speakerphone and Caller ID, DVD players, and ipod docking station, etc. to keep the parents entertained too.

Marc Jacobs’ Bugaboo Stroller

Via: Selectism

The beautiful bugaboo stroller from Marc Jacobs is a guarantee to make you a fashionable daddy. Set in blac, the stroller features the iconic “Love Marcs” print throughout.

Multiple Stroller

Via: I New Idea

At the first glance, Hoj Jeong’s new baby buggy is perfect. The elegant design is backe up by an environment-friendly technology. Constructed of recyclable materials, such as aluminum and organic fabric, the sustainable stroller is weight-light enough for a portable use. At the second glance, you might want to look at the possibility of your baby falling out of this.

Killer Stroller

This killer stroller is part of the childhood toys collection created by the artist Shi Jinsong to showcase the clash of the old Chinese culture with the modern life today. The collection has this sadistic aura of the deathly steel and the sharp razor edges.

Space Ship Stroller

Via: Make

Artist John Knott, aka Bent Fabrication, created this baby carriage out of hand-shaped aluminum panels and antique baby stroller parts. It helps to impress the neighbor kids, but don’t put your baby inside this thing on a hot day.

Vintage Stroller

Via: zygote daddy

If you are thinking that this is the stroller your great grandparent used to use, you are probably right. With all the safety features one would expect in something built in 1952, the stroller is the perfect choice for those who fancy something vintage.

Bonus: Stroller Parade in Russia

Via: Damn Cool Pics

Russia might not be known as the geekiest country on Earth, they still have cool stuff now and then. Last year, they had a baby stroller parade wherein people dress up their babies and their strollers in themed costumes.