16 Geeky Car Accessories to Pimp Up Your Ride

We spend so much time on our cars every day that we might as well consider them a second home. And like every home, it’s putting your personal tastes in it what makes it cozy. Here’s our list of cool accessories to help you do exactly that!

Geeks and cars go together extremely well, and throughout the years we have seen many examples of that such as Transformers, the DeLorean from Back to the Future, Knight RIder, and so on. These productions have, in turn, inspired a plethora of amazing accessories and fun things we can use to geek up our actual cars in real life – because we adore paying homage like this to the things we love. This is our list of accessories to geek up your car – some of them inspired by other cars, some by space ships, all of them incredibly geeky and awesome. Pick your favorites here!

Star Wars Car Accessories

Star Wars R2-D2 USB Charger for Cars

Geeky Car Accesories Star Wars R2-D2 Car USB Charger

One thing we hate about smartphones and other modern gadgets is how many of them don’t have enough juice to last through a whole day of use. It seems that whenever you need them the most, they just happen to die on you, and that is a huge issue when we lead lives that are as hyper-connected as ours. So here comes R2-D2 from the Star Wars movies to do exactly what he does throughout all six Star Wars movies: solve everyone’s problems, worries and woes. This R2-D2 USB charger for cars is an officially licensed piece that has enough energy (2.1 Amps) to charge up to two tablets simultaneously.

Star Wars Car Seat Covers

Geeky Car Accesories Star Wars Seat Covers

If you happen to have a Dark Sith Lord in the family (you know, consider that thing dad does with his hands when he tries to convince you of doing something you don’t feel like), investing in these Darth Vader Seat Covers might be a good idea. Next thing you know, you will need to paint your car seat belts light saber red, and start breathing heavily whenever anyone gets in the car with you.

Star Wars Car Mat

Geeky Car Accesories Star Wars Car Mat

This set of Star Wars Car Mats is all about Imperial pride, displaying the iconic helmets of a Storm Trooper and Lord Darth Vader himself – you can pick your favorite if you decide to purchase these. If you ever have an annoying back seat driver or someone’s pissing you off, you get to call them Rebel scum before you kick them out of your car, and that’s just priceless.

Star Wars Family Car Decals

Geeky Car Accesories Star Wars Family Car Decals

We are going to be completely honest with you: we always hated car decals. That is, until we saw these ones which could represent our entire families as either Jedi, Sith, Stormtroopers or any character of your choosing. You can have a Darth Vader or Han Solo dad depending on the relationship with the children,  or represent the kids as little Lukes and Leias or even Jawas. The idea is to give you range for self-expression with a Star Wars theme, and if this sounds appealing, you should totally check the full Star Wars pack including over 50 decals, and do it before Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens launches so you can flaunt these at the movie theater’s parking lot.

Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. USB Charger

Geeky Car Accesories Knight Rider USB Charger

The dream of the talking car is closer than ever, and we don’t mean just a silly GPS giving us instructions like we don’t know exactly where we want to go. And, while this neat little gadget doesn’t exactly make conversation with you, it features some of the most iconic lines straight from the Knight Rider TV show as well as two fast-charging USB ports so you can recharge your gadgets while you ride around town. The Knight Rider USB Charger even features a button to make KITT shut up, in case you have had enough 80s for one day.

Super Mario Bros’ Boo Car Decal

Geeky Car Accesories Super Mario Bros Boo Car Decal


Here’s a fun decal for those of us who grew up spending hours and hours at a time in front of the NES playing the classic Super Mario Bros games. This Super Mario Bros’ Boo Decal is absolutely perfect for when you’re tailing someone – if they look at you, you just got to stop and cover your face in shame, and resume the chase as soon as they turn around. Some people might call this creepy, we would rather just call it spooky.

Star Trek Car Seat Covers

Geeky Car Accesories Star Trek Seat Covers

We know you absolutely adore your ride, or have a love-hate relationship at worst – but we also know you would change it in a heartbeat for the USS Enterprise. Well, too bad: we’re not quite there when it comes to space travelling. It’s not all bad news, though, as your car can start giving off a great Star Trek vibe if you know just what to buy. That’s where these Star Trek Yellow Car Seat Covers come in, and man, we’re glad they’re not inspired on red shirts… that would be ominous.

Drivemocion LED Car Sign

Geeky Car Accesories Drivemocion LED Car Sign

Have you ever felt, while riding on the freeway or around town, that the ability to communicate with the cars behind you would really come in handy? So did the creators of the Drivemocion LED Car Sign, a device that displays a series of smileys in very clear LED that can be seen in broad daylight to express a variety of feelings for the driver behind you. Some of the included phrases are:

  • Raised hand, open palm, glance in rearview mirror: “Thank you for letting me in.”
  • Sweep of hand outward from body: “Go ahead, I’ll wait.”
  • Hands thrown in the air: “I give up!!”
  • Hands up, shoulders raised, head cocked: “I don’t know what to think of this situation.”
  • Middle finger extended: “You’re #1.”

We know most of these would have been useful for us at one point or the other.

Attack on Titan Recon Corps Car Decal

Geeky Car Accesories Attack On Titan Car Decal

Here’s a little something for the anime fans in your life. Attack on Titan is one of those anime that comes out once every few years and makes even people who don’t regularly watch anime get incredibly excited and talk about it all the time – just like Evangelion or Full Metal Alchemist did in the past. If you’re among this fantastic series’ fans, you might want to display the Recon Corps logo in this car decal for other fans, so you can identify each other

LED Solar Tire Wheel Light Vehicle Decoration Warning Lamp

Geeky Car Accesories 12 LED Solar Tire


Here is a quick way to add some flair to your vehicle without having to spend a lot of money on shady places to end up with something that looks plain tacky. What you see here is 12 LED Solar Flash Tire Wheel Lights that store solar energy during the day, store them in high efficiency solar cells, and then use that same energy during the night to light up.  If you were wondering how to add some colors and light to your ride, this is the way to go.

Heated Steering Wheel Cover

The Full Coverage Heated Steering Wheel Cover
If you happen to not live in the Southernmost states of the US or Europe, you might know how much of a problem the cold can be during some of the harshest months of the year. For those of us who would rather not dread the moment we put our hands on our car’s steering wheel, here comes a heated steering wheel  that completely envelops the drive wheel, making it a one of a kind product as most of them will only go halfway. Our knees appreciate the heat too, you know!

SuperTooth Bluetooth Buddy Speakerphone

Geeky Car Accesories SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth


Geeky things are fun and cool, but what’s most important is that you make it home to your loved ones – and part of that is understanding you just can’t drive while holding a phone to your ear. In the day and age we live in, having a speakerphone in our cars is basically essential, and out of all of them it’s the SuperTooth Bluetooth Buddy Speakerphone that is our favorite, for its price is relatively low, it can pair with up to two devices simultaneously and can just be clipped to the sun visor so it’s always accessible, whenever you need it. So take good care of yourself, and get one of this or whichever other model you prefer, but go and get one.

Bushnell BackTrack Point 3 GPS

Geeky Car Accesories Bushnell Backtrack Point 3 GPS


Here’s a really cool gadget for those of us who have a thousand things on their minds and keep forgetting just where that darn car was. The Bushnell BackTrack Point 3 GPS will allow the user to “mark” just where exactly they left the car on a shopping mall or parking lot, so once they’re done doing whatever they went to do in the first place, they will only have to follow the arrow afterwards to get to their cars. This one gadget deserves particular praise for its fantastic screen, which is easy to read on almost any condition which puts it a step above from other alternatives.

Flux Capacitor USB Charger From Back to the Future

Geeky Car Accesories Flux Capacitor USB Charger

We seriously can’t believe we are on 2015, and that Back to the Future II got so many things right and wrong. Among those things it didn’t get quite right, there is the Flux Capacitor – instead of having to work and have to accelerate up to 88 mph to fire it up, this time it will fire up by itself and recharge your gadgets no matter how fast you go. There’s also no time-travelling involved, but hey, you can’t always get what you want. This Back to the Future Flux Capacitor USB Charger is completely lightweight and measures 2.5 x 3 inches approximately, while featuring two USB ports where users can plug any of their favorite gadgets for a quick charge while on the road.

Hello Kitty Car Accessories: Hello Kitty Car Mat & Car Wheel Cover

Geeky Car Accesories Hello Kitty Car Mat

Geeky Car Accesories Hello Kitty Car Seat Cover

This one is for the guys and ladies who are into Hello Kitty, the cutest lady cat we know. Whether you like pink car accessories or feel like going for a more Japanese look. we got you covered with these Hello Kitty Steering Wheel Cover and Hello Kitty Utility Car Mats. Some might say these are some girly car accessories, but in this time and age, Kitty’s appeal is just universal, and hey, we’re not judging.

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