GeoSurf Gives Worldwide Perspective to Web Analytics

Marketing gurus can now see their ads from a global viewpoint thanks to BI Science’s new web application.

The new software is known as GeoSurf and allows marketers and advertisers to view their own advertisements, as well as their competitor’s, with just one click. Okay, the website advertises one click, but it appears to be 2-3. Still, not too bad. Used by companies such as eBuddy Metacafe and Xtend, this tool is one that definitely benefits businesses with international outreach. At the very least, it can save you the tedious task of retyping international URLs.

The program installs a trendy tool bar in your browser (less of an eyesore than most), which allows you to see how your ad placement in the U.S. compares to Germany, the UK, Japan,  or Australia, and so on in more than 45 countries. After picking your location and applying the selection, you can check if your candy bar ad is still running on Yahoo in Egypt, now that the Web is back up (thank God). You can also click these ads to see their direct sources and control your content. Check out their demo in the video below:

You can try one of GeoSurf’s three packages for a 5-day free trial. In addition, if your marketing hasn’t improved or you’re not satisfied for any reason within 30 days, you’ll get a full refund. The other benefits include privacy on logged URLs via Proxy, and the price plans recognize different bandwidths and features starting at $29/mo for 200MB, $59/mo for 500, and $89 for 800MB.

So check it out, ad guys. The “Mad Men” never had a tool like this.