Smarten Up Any Regular Timepiece with Glance Smartwatch Transformer

Why buy an expensive smartwatch, when you can simply upgrade your regular watch with smart functionality? Glance is a type of watch add-on that can help you achieve that in a matter of seconds.

There is a tendency of trying to add functionality to existing devices beyond the features that they exited the factory doors with. There are add-on modules for air conditioners, for blinds, and as of now, for regular watches. Glance is a watch accessory that intends to add smartwatch functionality to your timepieces you have grown to love.

The Canadian team who developed this watch add-on module pointed out that “Glance is designed to let you focus on the conversations that matter most, and live in the moment. Glance is precision crafted into a remarkably thin, light design with machined aluminum, fits on the wristband on your watch, and works well with your personal style. Glance works well with your existing watch, and can also be worn with a premium leather strap.”

Even though in the above picture only the iPhone companion app is depicted, you should know that an Android app is also available, should you be more fond of Google’s mobile OS. The developers are also working on Windows Phone and Blackberry versions of the app, and a wider compatibility should definitely make Glance more popular.

In tandem with the app, Glance acts as a fitness tracker, air mouse, smart tv remote control, and alarm clock, among many other things. There will be some differences between a regular watch that’s equipped with Glance and a proper smartwatch, but for the price, could you really ask for more?

Below is a video detailing how Glance looks and works in real life:

Glance is currently featured on Kickstarter, where the team that developed it are trying to raise the $150,000 CAD necessary for the mass production of this smartwatch transformer. At press time, there were 26 days to go and about 80% left to raise, so I won’t make any assumptions regarding the success of this crowdfunding campaign. There are still 250+ early bird spots left, so you can have a Glance watch accessory for as low as $70 CAD, provided that the project gets funded. If those are gone, you can back the project with $80 CAD to secure yours.

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