A terrifying look at global warming’s possible impact.

In a daring art project, artist Nickolay Lamm from StorageFront.com shows us pictures of major American cities submerged by an extra 25 feet of sea water.


If you’ve ever wanted to visualize the impacts of global warming, look no further! This featured project displays eight major locations strewn across the US submerged by encroaching sea water and reminds us all of the terrifying long-term effects of neglecting our environment.

Working side by side with Climate Central’s Remik Ziemlinski, Lamm used stock photos from a New York Times article in collaboration with Google Earth to map out the exact locations and angle they were taken in. The second step was pairing them side by side with sea level rise maps provided the climate central website. Throw in a little bit of image editing and you’re presented with a striking version of these landmarks that’s sure to make you rethink your stance on the controversial issue.

Although sea levels are constantly rising, experts estimate that it would take well over 500 years for sea levels to reach the 25 feet that these pictures are putting into emphasis. Hopefully by then we’ll have a solution to the issue of global warming.

Nickolay Lamm is well known for his controversial depictions and opinions, but also in his ability to convey these opinions in an understandable fashion that isn’t obscure to everyone. Whether you agree with his opinion or not, there’s plenty to learn from his perspective.

No matter which side of the fence you stand on in regards to Global warming though, these pictures are sure to send a chill down your spine and remind you that maybe, just maybe, it’s a better idea to start thinking about recycling that old pizza box once and for all.

Source : StorageFront

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