The Google app helps you find your lost phone

A new feature unveiled by Google will help users recover their lost phones without relying on third party apps: the world has suddenly become a much friendlier place.

Google Find My Phone 1

No matter where you lose your phone, whether it’s in your car, home, workplace or the wild world, Google has something for you. By using a computer, users can now ask Google to find their phones from their desktops – and if it’s nearby, Google cam even make it ring for you. If it’s not, Google will mark it in a map for you, and help you locate it – all you need is to install the latest version of the Google app.

Similar functionalities existed for a while in third party apps (namely Where’s My Droid and the like), but this new functionality unveiled yesterday on Google’s blog marks the first time Google tackle these issues themselves. If you want to try these new functionalities (which are “on” by default, but also can be turned on remotely) all you need to do is type “find my phone” on Google, under the same account you use your phone with, and then the magic happens. This might be the most useful feature Google have come up with in a while, so enjoy it – we know we will.

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