Pacman becomes playable on Google Maps for April’s Fools

Google always have the greatest April’s Fools pranks, and this year is no exception: tributing arcade classic Pacman, they’ve revamped the Google Maps interface and made it much, much more awesome.

Pacman Google Maps 1

When April Fool’s day rolls around, several companies seize the day and do something fun with their websites in order to “troll” their users with something. as the Internet is bombarded with Half-Life 3 news or funny stuff like a Walking Dead/ALF crossover, a few companies do something a bit more special and produced. Google, for example, have a history of changing interfaces in their services in order to add fun little details. This time around, the Google Maps team made Pac-Man playable by clicking the Pac-man icon as shown in the gif below:

Pacman Google Maps 2

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