Google claims unlocking phones via voice is possible

There are several phone unlocking mechanisms, even in the most basic devices: from patterns to eyes, faces, pins and fingerprints. Yet, Google is working on a new one: identification via voice.


The question that comes up is “are all voices unique?. We know faces or retinas are, same with fingerprints, but voices are, sometimes, kind of similar: is it viable to unlock phones via voice, without having any issues?

Google thinks so, and according to their research, it’s almost impossible for two people to speak the same way, use the same mannerisms, and say the same things. That is why they are working on this new technology to unlock stuff via voice, and that could even be used to authorize transactions.


A few new lines of code appeared in Google Now’s latest update, all referencing these new features, and it seems to have come quite a way, judging from it, so it might be ready rather sooner than later: apparently, we’ll only be required to say a specific phrase, and then the phone will unlock for us.

This new upgrade also revamped some voice commands, so now we can make calls or send texts using the nicknames bestowed upon our own contacts.