How to: get Whatsapp updates as Facebook Messenger bubbles

Just like with Facebook Messenger, it’s also possible to get Whatsapp messages as bubbles. All it takes is an app: Dashdow Whatsapp.


Despite its rivals greatest efforts, the whole world seems to favor Whatsapp as its go-to instant messaging app for mobile devices. Whatsapp were recently acquired by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, and instead of kicking back and enjoying the success, they took this as an opportunity to grow even bigger, what with Whatsapp Calls and Whatsapp Web. Yet, the one area where Whatsapp doesn’t do that well is when it comes to customization, and that is where Dashdow Whatsapp comes in: this app, amongst many other things, will display Whatsapp notifications as if they were Facebook Messenger bubbles.


Using this app is simple: once installed users give the app permission to access the Whatsapp notifications, and that is that. Once the user gets a message, they’ll be able to see the bubble and even read and reply messages after touching it. Furthermore, users can eliminate the bubbles by just dragging them to the trash bin.

Dashdow Whatsapp offers more customization for the bubbles themselves, but that requires paying. The app is free yet it takes a one time payment to access its full potential after downloading it from Google Play.

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