Xiaomi Breathes New Life into Its Product Mix

Known for so much more than just excellent smartphones and tablets, Xiaomi has recently expanded its portfolio with several entirely new products, and some reiterations of its classics.

When it’s not busy breaking Guiness World records by selling 2 million smartphones in 24 hours, the Chinese company is quite busy working on its wide range of products. Two weeks ago, it celebrated its fifth anniversary by launching five products: Mi Note Pink Edition, a 55-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 2, Redmi 2A, Mi Power Strip, and the Mi Weight Scale. The 55″ Mi TV2 has a MSRP of $806, which means that it will ever be available outside of China, resellers will most likely take that price north of $1K.

The Mi Note was launched in January, but back then, Xiaomi announced it would only be available in black and white. Both are very elegant solutions, but some ladies prefer pink, so the manufacturer had to comply and launched one in that color. All of the other specs are the same to the black or white versions, but Xiaomi bundled a 5000 mAh Mi Power Bank for free with this one, just to make sure that your lady’s phone never runs out of power.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 was already available in two variants, one with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, and the other one with double of that. So what can the Redmi 2A bring new to the table? A new CPU, in the form of the Leadcore L1860C quad-core Cortex A7 1.5GHz, as well as a better price, respectively $96. Frankly, the performance of the 2A is lower than of the previous two versions, but so is the price, and if the company believed that there are people in the market looking for such a device, then it must be so.

The Mi Power Strip doesn’t have any smart functions, but that doesn’t mean that it would be out of place in a smart home. It includes three universal power sockets, three USB ports and a switch that enables you to turn everything that is connected to it on or off, at the push of one button. By no means is this product revolutionary, but it carries a very small price – RMB 49 – and this should make it attractive enough.

Probably the device I’m most excited about is the Mi Weight Scale, a smart product that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, in order to display your weight and BMI in the Mi Fit app, which already works with the Mi Band. The scale was teased (most probably by mistake) in a version of the Mi Fit app back in December, but in the absence of the product, not much could be done with the two added screens. According to Xiaomi, the Mi Weight Scale can record data from 16 different persons, so it doesn’t matter if yours is a very numerous family.

GearBest, one of the main Xiaomi resellers in China, has some of these products up for pre-order, and more. For example, you can get the travel version (with the selfie stick) of the Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera for $96.99 with coupon code XMYSW, or you could buy the green version for $89.99 by entering XMXYCAM at checkout (the white version is even cheaper – $78.99 with coupon code XMYCAMW). In addition, the Mi Bluetooth Gamepad is $23.99 with coupon code XMGamepad. Audiophiles can pre-order the Mi Headphones for $99 between 2015-04-29 to 2015-05-08 using the coupon code XMheadphone, or they can opt for the newly launched Piston 3 earphones for $19.89 with coupon code xmearphone, if they’re in a hurry to listen to their music.

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