Google Fiber is About to Go WiFi

Internet consumption has skyrocketed the since the advent of more media streaming, specifically on mobile devices and Google is right in the middle.


Google Fiber is bringing people fast internet on the cheap.  Google Fiber customers have the option of access to 5Mbps for free, or 1Gbps access for $70 per month.  Everyone that is familliar with their offerings wants the service, but unfortunately it isn’t widely available yet since it is only available in two cities, Kansas City, Missouri and Provo, UT.

With increasing demands on internet providers due to the growing popularity in streaming media services coupled with consumer demands for means to end their contracts with their cable providers, high speed internet is becoming more and more necessary for the average household.  Although Google sure isn’t the only provider offering speeds of 1Gbps or faster, they sure are the best priced, so consumers will only eat up their offerings so long as Google can beat any competitors to each market.

Fortunately, Google already has 34 additional markets for which it is evaluating the rollout of its Fiber services.  In an epic attempt to upend the industry, documents recently obtained by IDG News Service reveal that Google is considering blanketing Fiber deployed cities in Google Fiber backed WiFi.

Having access to not only Google Fiber, but public WiFi running off said network will be an amazing service available to consumers blessed enough to live in these markets, in addition to the fact that such a move would also position Google to be able to offer competing services to many wireless carriers.  With the FCC encouraging the exploration of VoIP networks and Google’s assumed plans to announce integration of  Google Voice with Google Hangouts at Google I/O this year, any existing phone would be compatible with said wireless network.

The only downside is that it is still years before such a service could be widely available, not to mention the fact that the seated ISPs and wireless carriers probably won’t let Google fight this battle on two fronts without also having to fight a battle in a courtroom.

Of course, even with WiFi blanketing cities with Google Fiber, a Google hosted mobile network would still need to piggy back on another major carrier, so Verizon and AT&T don’t need to worry too much about losing all their customers; however, since they are both competing ISPs, they still have reason to sweat.

Source: BGR

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