Google Now Might Soon Include a Bill Reminder

The search giant seems to have made a goal from helping people better organize their lives. As a consequence, the future updates of Google Now might include reminders for paying bills.

Google Now already provides current updates (hence this service’s name) on weather, sports team results, birthday reminders, stock prices, flight information and transport data for getting to work or back home. As of late, Google Now even offers quick access to track and trace services, assuming it found in your Gmail account a tracking number. Of course, there are plenty of other everyday life aspects that could be integrated in this service, and the Google Now bill reminder is only one of them.

Energy suppliers, ISPs and a whole lot other types of companies made the switch from paper to electronic bills a while ago. Assuming that your customer account includes your Google e-mail address and that you get e-mail reminders when the bills are issued, Google Now might be able to detect these e-mails and provide you with notifications in the form of cards.

The Google Now bill reminder would most probably display information in a minimalistic manner, typical for most of the search giant’s services. After all, all that people need to know is the name of the service provider, the amount of the bill and the due date.

This has a great potential of becoming something really big if Google decides to integrate Google Wallet in the reminder cards. That way, people could make payments a lot easier and their lives would become even better, all thanks to Google. A simpler and less impressive option would be to link to the service provider’s website in the Google Now cards, in order to pay the bills.

The way I see it, a bill reminder integrated in Google Now could be of great help for common people, and even more so for companies. In the case of the latter, bills represent a more pressing matter, not to mention that they imply larger amounts of money. Currently, it isn’t even certain whether the tech company will implement a bill reminder in Google Now, but the code snippets found by Android Police suggest that. We all have to wait and see how Google means to play this card, and an official announcement shouldn’t take long.

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