Google Now’s Flight Tracker Saves Frequent Flyers a Ton of Cash

Assuming that you travel by plane on a regular basis and that you search your flights using Google, from now on you’re going to get price updates in Google Now, a feature that will certainly help save a lot of money.

Google Now already provides cards that are related to our online searches, and besides that, it is a life saver, in that it displays relevant, current information about weather, news, nearby places, stocks and so on. The latest feature to be implemented in this personal digital assistant is a flight tracker whose data is also correlated with your queries. The best thing about the Google Now flight tracker is that it displays more than just the date of the next possible departure, but also fluctuations in the price, something that has the potential of saving people money.

The flight price monitor is firm proof that Google’s service are very well integrated with one another. Besides that, the new card saves us a lot of time, and not just money, as otherwise we’d have to check Expedia, Orbitz, SkyScanner and other such online services quite frequently in order to make sure that we’re not passing up a great deal. Some are arguing that the new Google Now card takes away all the fun from searching for cheaper flights, but I have to disagree. The time you save by using the flight price monitor could be otherwise spent on looking for a nice hotel that’s close to your points of interest. Speaking of hotels… Hey, Google, think you could make a similar card for hotel room prices? I bet travelers wouldn’t mind at all.

Everything depends on which airlines Google is able to monitor, though. The ones who are traveling in business class don’t really care about the travel cost (even though the companies employing them should), but the rest of us wouldn’t decline a low-cost airline’s offer. Assuming that Google is able to track both low-cost and regular airlines, the addition of the flight price monitor card would be indeed great news.

I wonder what other things Google has in store for us, as the latest updates to its personal digital assistant have all been extremely helpful. The ones wondering how to trigger this one should visit Google Flights and start from there.

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