Zuta Pocket Printer, the mobile robot printing machine

It would seem that everyone prefers digital copies of each and every document nowadays, as printers just weren’t handy. That is, up until now.

Zuta printer 2

The one device that hasn’t changed all that much ever since the mobile revolution is the printer: albeit smaller, they’re still bulky, awkward, take a lot of space, and for some reason they seem always more inconvenience than they’re worth. Acknowledging all of these issues is that the team behind the Zuta Pocket Printer decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign (which was very successful and has already been funded) to realize their vision: a small, portable printer.

Zuta printer

The idea was simple: getting rid of the entire printer, and keeping only the useful parts, IE, the head, and using wheels to allow it to travel around on its own. By simply laying the paper down, the Zuta will run over it printing our documents in good quality, and fitting in our pockets afterwards. But do not take our word, and see the creators themselves demonstrating the technology just below these lines. Basically? It’s a robot that runs around and prints at your command, from PCs, laptops, mobile devices or anything.

While the Zuta Pocket Printer isn’t out yet, it’s already been crowd funded, and should be underways soon.

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