Google ‘OnCue’ Internet TV Service Reportedly on the Way

People really enjoy their TV and some even enjoy it piped down through the Internet, which is why Google hope to capitalize by creating an Internet TV service.

Google OnCue image

The media landscape as we know it is radically different to that of a single decade ago. While our viewable entertainment offerings were only available via television network or disc based boxsets, we’re now capable of going online and downloading or streaming our favourite TV shows with all of the ease of touching a button. Finding individual shows is easy enough, but what if your entire TV offering was available via a stream? What if you were able to scrap the need for a set-top box or a cable subscription altogether, switching it out instead for a bundle deal that includes all of your favourites in one package? That’s what Google are striving for as they’re reportedly looking to find a way to deliver traditional television content via the Internet.

Thanks to a report from the Wall Street Journal, we know that Google are currently in the process of approaching media companies to to license their content, ready to include it in their service. How they are approaching these companies is far more interesting however, as the sources say that Google has been demonstrating a working example of the service in its pitches, meaning that this thing is well on the way to lifting off the ground.

We also know that the service, rumoured to be called ‘OnCue’, would challenge TV offerings by offering the same shows you get through your cable subscription, albeit in channel sized chunks, meaning that a mix of high quality channels and lower grade channels is expected.

What this means for the traditional TV model now is that people are finding less and less reasons to pick up the remote, as all they really need is a mouse and a cheap subscription. Netflix covers streaming shows you never knew you wanted to watch and Hulu is famed for its catch up abilities, but if OnCue is going to let you watch shows as they air, that could have some serious implications.

Google’s Internet TV is picking up traction so we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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