Staircase to Heaven – Donkey Kong M.C. Escher Animated Chalk Art

Warp your mind with this awesome Donkey Kong chalk animation.

Donkey Kong M.C. Escher by Chris Carlson image

You have to be a pretty seasoned chalk artist – or heck, any artist in general – to take on the great Dutch artist M.C. Escher. For those of you without art degrees, M.C. Escher’s artwork was inspired by the field of mathematics, which in turn produced some of the most famous eye-popping imagery ever created.

Perhaps you’ve seen one of his prints at a mall kiosk near you. You know, the ones where they have those 3D eye puzzles that always make your eyes hurt after staring at them for over 10 minutes trying to find that darn sailboat. Likewise, but much more artistically, Escher’s artwork always bends reality in a way that instantly captures its audience.

And the same visual bedazzlement could definitely be said about this Donkey Kong chalk animation by Denver, Colorado’s Chris Carlon. Using the ascending steel rafters of the classic Nintendo platformer as his basis, Chris produced this amazing 3D animation that no doubt is a nod to Escher’s work.

Chris is particularly skilled in 3D modeling (no duh) and he’s made other radical chalk displays of the third dimension – including one that involves a giant TV and NES zapper – which you should totally take some time and check out. Perhaps you even have an event that needs a little visual pizzazz, which Chris might be able to help out with.

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