Google patent intends to “save” users from spoilers

Google has a new idea to help their userbase avoid spoilers from video games, TV and movies – yet this involves some good old privacy concerns.

An evacuee of the earthquake and tsunami watches a TV broadcast of the wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton in Chofu, western Tokyo

Google has just patented an idea that would help avoid TV and movie spoilers. Understanding that it’s just not realistically possible to just stop using social media, and turn off the web entirely, Google intends to try something different, something that will make those users who fear spoilers very, very happy.

As of now, this is just a patent, and not a product, but the future might bring an actual, working feature out of this. Some people say the end justifies the means, and in order to free us from spoilers, the almighty search engine will see which TV shows or movies you’re interested in based on comments from social media, for example, and will atempt to identify and filter sensitive information that might contain spoilers, either with emerging messages, deleting parts, or a completely different take.

Google Spoilers 2

Another option is users marking in spoiler tags (not the readers, but the content creators) in order to easily identify stuff for Google. But, let’s be real for a second: if people did mark spoilers, we wouldn’t need this product at all. The question remains: are you willing to sacrifice some of your privacy in order to free yourself from spoilers?

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