YouTube is about to launch a subscription based service

Google seem to have found a new way to monetize YouTube, this time around with a subscription based service that eliminates ads throughout the site

Youtube logo 1

Users taking part of the YouTube creators program will find quite a surprise in their emails: YouTube has confirmed to be working on a new model to deliver content to its userbase, in which a monthly payment will give them access to a version of the site without any ads – just as it was when the website had just started. In this way, YouTube takes a page from web services like Spotify, who offer access to their entire library for free, but has an exclusive version for users who pay, who in turn do not get adds, along with a couple extra benefits.

This is not like Netflix’s system: YouTube is going to remain free, and it doesn’t seem Google are about to change this any time soon. But, if users desire to stop seeing ads yet still support their favorite content creators, this might be an interesting option, depending on prices. It seems earning will be split almost evenly between YouTube and content makers, but this will lead to further changes in their terms, starting June 15th, 2015.

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It still remains to be seen when this new functionalities will launch for the general public, or whether or not this will somehow articulate with Music Key, the service that gives access to Google Play’s musical library – we will report as more news come to the forefront.

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