Google to invest in SpaceX, the satellite and rocket company

Recent reports by a series of websites around the web suggest Google might be getting ready for a big investment in SpaceX, a company dedicated to create rockets and satellites.


As reported by The Information, Google might be getting ready to drop a huge sum of cash in SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company who creates and develops satellites and rockets, and use these resources to create a satellite network capable of providing internet to non-urban and hard to access areas where finding a decent provider at a price that is not a rip-off is a huge task.

Google Campus

These Google satellites would orbit Earth at lower altitudes than regular satellites (1.200 km instead of the usual 35.000), which would generate an advantage when it comes to coverage and speed compared to other competing technologies like optic fiber. Elon Musk hismelf was quoted saying that the speed of light was “40% faster in the vacuum of space than it is through fiber”.

Space X

Rumor has it that Google’s investment will be around the 10 thousand millions of dollars, and combining that with the effort Google’s partners are expected to put forth, it’s just a massive, incredible sum of money.

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