The worst passwords of 2014 are as terrible as ever

If statistics are to be believed, it’s very likely that your password might be included in this list, which compiles the most used ones around the web. If so, save yourself some headaches and change them.

Terrible Passwords 1

Las year we saw a surge in high-profile hacks affecting giants like Microsoft, eBay, UPS, and the most renowned, the Sony Pictures one which made the news as the hackers claimed for the movie “the Interview” to not release. Without trying to scare anyone, we just wanna point out that just because you don’t own a multi-million company, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to become a target, and if you use any of these passwords here, chances are you might.

This list comes all through SplashData‘s research who have compiled their annual list of the most common passwords on the web. This list was compiled from documents with over 3.3 million leaked passwords that came appeared throughout the year 2014 in North America and Western Europe, mostly, but with some other countries for good measure. It features gems such as “123456”, “password” and “batman” (which although awesome is not very secure). You can see the list below these lines.

1) 123456
2) password
3) 12345
4) 12345678
5) qwerty
6) 1234567890
7) 1234
8) baseball
9) dragon
10) football
11) 1234567
12) monkey
13) letmein
14) abc123
15) 111111
16) mustang
17) access
18) shadow
19) master
20) michael
21) superman
22) 696969
23) 123123
24) batman
25) trustno1

The good news is that these common passwords are less in raw numbers every year. The bad news is they still represent an almost 3% of the total combined. But, again, there’s no cause for alarm, if you see your password in this list, go and change it and join the common cause to make the Internet a more secure environment.

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