Diamond Encrusted Apple Watch Now Available for Pre-Order

With the Apple Watch release date on the near horizon, one jewellery company has made a diamond encrusted version available for pre-order.

Diamond Apple Watch

September, 2014 was a big month for Apple. In addition to the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, the Cupertino, Calif. electronics maker also officially revealed the Apple Watch, its much rumoured wearable device.

The Apple Watch, as its name suggests, was a hi-tech piece of watch gadgetry. Rather than the bog standard time-telling that we’re used to from non-smartwatches, the Apple Watch allows users to accept phone calls, browse the web and download specially created mobile apps.

But with these features failing to make the device a standout from the smartphones and tablets that so many of us own, people were hard pushed to find reasons to buy an Apple Watch. And with the normal version of the device set to retail for over $300, a new diamond encrusted Apple Watch is all the more expensive. But at least it looks good.

Apple Watch

The diamond encrusted Apple Watch has been created by Mervin Diamond Importers. For $30,000 you’ll get a watch with 18-karat rose gold and eight rows of ‘high grade’ diamonds which will reportedly total over 15 carats. Some high quality stuff.

Mervin’s Apple Watch also provides a flashier alternative to the luxury gold version of the Apple Watch which is rumoured to cost $5000 when it launches early 2015. While it’s not clear just who in their right mind would pay for a device that has yet to prove its actual worth (other than y’know, looking good) it’s hard to deny that the diamond encrusted piece will make a statement.

There’s also the valid concern that the diamonds will fall off. While Mervin Diamond Importers will likely have factored this into the design, with people wanting to show off their ‘bling’ day in day out, there’s still a good chance that you’ll be looking at missing sparkles a little further down the line.

The jeweller also explains that those who pre-order the device can expect it to be delivered mid-2015 so you can visit their website for more info.

Source: Cnet

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