Grab Your Google+ Vanity URL Before It’s Too Late

Most social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and others offer a vanity URL that allows you to shorten your profile URL and share it with your friends without having to remember.

However, Google+ does not allow you to shorten your profile URL yet, and you would instead have to copy and paste a lengthy number sequence which looks quite odd.

One of the reasons why Google does not allow you to get unique URLs is because it may pose you security risks, may make you available to people you may not want and spammers might find out what your email address is. The part in which you would have to type in a long string of numbers to find someone’s profile is not only annoying but quite time-consuming too. is a cool new web app that allows you to get a unique vanity URL for your Google+ account.

It was featured on Mashable sometime back and I tried it out myself. My nickname ‘Jude’ was already taken, and so was my doppelganger’s name ‘Vlad’. However, my surname was still available, and instead of having to share a lengthy URL that consisted of numbers, I could now ask my friends to add me on Google+ by sharing a simple, unique vanity URL: It would of course be much easier to remember and share with your friends, and it would also be easier for people to remember your Google+ URL.

Considering the popularity that Google+ enjoys at the moment, most common names are already taken away (as was in my case) and it might be prudent for you to go ahead and grab a unique vanity URL for your Google+ account immediately. is an external web app that manages to create unique vanity URLs for your Google+ account, but it makes me wonder if Google would eventually come up with this service or not. I guess they would not, considering how Google+ profiles are intricately connected to Gmail accounts, making you a target for spammers, hackers and other bad guys of the cyber world.