GP Toilet: Science Keeping Track Of Your Pee

GP Toilet is weird to describe. We’re speaking of a toilet that analyzes your pee at home, and then gives a detailed diagnostic on it. A gadget for hypochondriacs!



This project by Lucy Jung, Do Hyung Kim, Jee Young Kim & Green Kim was created with the idea of having a simple design, more appealing for patients who need to keep track and do repeated testing of urine. This is not a bad idea, as long as it doesn’t post the results to Facebook or anything like that.



The way GP Toilet works is basically by analyzing the patient’s urine and giving a report on it. Put simply, when you need an analysis done; a nozzle sprouts out and takes samples while you do your thing. It comes with an integrated screen that displays the results right away. Not too shabby.



Via: YankoDesign

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