Grand Theft Auto 4 Turns Machinima

Machinima to many is a hobby and a way to showcase creativity to a larger online audience. For those readers who don’t know what a Machinima is, it is the completed animated form of a movie that takes real time graphics normally used in a video game that has been recorded and then has voice work done over. There are thousands of Machinima’s out there ranging from World of Warcraft story-based videos, Halo spoofs, and Red Dead Redemption.

These videos normally are done in an episodic manner or are just generally short films. For one French filmmaker, this was an opportunity to create a full length picture.  Mathieu Weschler created the first 88 minute long Machinima based on Grand Theft Auto 4 called The Trashmaster. The feat of creating the video took the filmmaker two years to complete.

Even though the video contains footage of stolen video game clips and was posted on a public website, Rockstar Games, the creators of the game, are commending his hard work on their Newswire portion of their site.

The film’s storyline follows a New York trash man who is cleaning up the filth that pollutes the city with drug dealers and petty criminals finding themselves in his crosshairs. It isn’t until the dancers of his favorite strip club are inexplicably slain that this small time vigilante finds himself stalking the streets of the Big Apple after a noticeably disturbed serial killer.

Looking to save some money and are interested in viewing a free action packed movie? Have an afternoon to waste away or are you just interested in seeing the feat with your own eyes? Why not give this movie a view and tell us what you think.

88 minutes not enough of a fill for that movie fix? There is always a stop motion Paper Zelda and Super Mario running around a school to sate that undying hunger.

Source: Techland