Make Your Final Journey in Style with Cruisin Caskets

A designer coffin would make someone a bit too sadist but considering the fact that – death is an inevitable truth, it is not a bad idea. What has begun has to come to an end and the sooner we accept it the better prepared we are for the same. So why not we accept this truth in style and this is exactly what the Cruisin Casket helps you do.

The Cruisin Casket is a coffin made in style. You can give it the shape of just about any car – can be one of the classics from the past or a very contemporary one. Having spent a life in style you have an option to depart in style. This is one final ride that you will have to undertake all alone. Lonely would be the ride but cannot be avoided. It would at least ensure that you are in a car specially designed for you, either by yourself or by your loved ones.

Shaped like a car, the coffin has all the specifications of a conventional coffin. The interiors are upholstered and the top opens on hinges. The body is different as it uses fiberglass as opposed to wood. It can come in a range of colors, depending upon the color you choose for your car model. The whitewall tires and gold or chrome rims can give an added effect to the entire ensemble.

Purchasing a coffin for oneself is quite an absurd idea but there are many who get this bit of work done in their lifetime. They are those who have accepted the biggest truth about life and are ready for any situation. And it is, again, this set of people who would not hesitate to get a coffin for themselves. While there are cases of people paying for their coffin, here one can go a step further and purchase it outright. Until the time it is required for the real purpose it can be used for a different purpose – an ice chest. However, it would be strange to see someone dig into his/her coffin every time there is a need for ice.

What do you term this little bit of idea – scary, elegant, sad, stylish, absurd? It is a very difficult job. Contradictory terms come to mind and yet there is something that says it is quite a bit of an idea. Winchester based Cruisin Casket has come up with a car model that can be booked well in advance but the time of the ride is never known.

This is definitely a very creepy at the same time stylish concept! If you are a geek, you may have a look this Geeky Coffin Design.

Via: Oddity Central