Grand Wizard Smartphone Lets You Be a DJ

There is something really cool about all those DJ-ing apps that I see at the App Store.


However, Grand Wizard is a cool smartphone which actually doubles up as a real time DJ turntable is something totally out of this world. The smartphone can be ‘opened up’ to reveal a turntable and some place to scratch and mix tracks. This should certainly be one hell of a party crowd booster. In fact, you could turn any place into a rave if only you get a device like this. The DJ Wiz certainly wows anyone who likes music and mixing music.



The portable mixing station lets your manipulate and produce media with the help of right and left controls. You can also manipulate tracks according to your wish. Yu Hiraoka, the designer of DJ Wiz must be a real smart guy to think of a smartphone as a DJing turntable. I can imagine this gadget being popular not only in office parties and universities, but also at picnics and outdoor events where it may be difficult to hire a real DJ due to lack of funds. We all know that DJs like Avicii charge a hell lot of money for each party and if you can’t afford a good DJ, your party may not turn out to be the best you ever thought it would be.


DJ Wiz could be a great addition to your already existing party gadgets. Unfortunately, this is still a concept and is not yet released in the market. When it is mass produced and released in the market, I expect it to be a tad expensive than other smartphones in the market. It is not clear what other features the Grand Wizard smartphone comes with. If you are not much into DJ-ing, take a look at the USB Vinyl Record Player, which we had featured sometime ago.