New Xbox to be Revealed in May

There’s plenty of speculation over the specs and even the name of the Xbox, but next month we will know more as it’s when the console is set to be revealed.

Xbox 720 logo

The next generation of video game consoles is almost upon us. The current console cycle is winding down, the best of each console’s games are more or less behind us, with very few gaming gems pencilled in on the current gen’s release schedule. There are only a handful of good titles to look forward to as many developers and publishers are focusing all of their efforts on future tech. In fact, Nintendo have already released their next gen effort, the Wii U, while earlier this year, Sony announced the PlayStation 4, to plenty of fanfare. The only company of the ‘big three’ yet to make an announcement is Microsoft, but that’s set to change as the company is reportedly going to reveal their new console in May.

Rumoured to be called the ‘Xbox 720’, we already know that Microsoft have been cooking up a brand new Xbox for quite some time now. Rumours have been flying for a while as Microsoft insiders have already leaked the fact that it the console is codenamed ‘Durango’.

But what does the untitled successor to Microsoft’s ever popular Xbox 360 console hold? Of the main speculated features, one that’s being talked about is the fact that Microsoft’s next console could potentially require an Internet connection at all times, meaning that those without high speed broadband, or even a reliable source or superfast wi-fi will be out of luck.

Other rumoured features are that in comparison to Sony’s next generation offering, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox 360 could potentially be at a slight disadvantage, particularly in terms of a processor and in-console memory which of course effects how large, open-world games (such a Skyrim, which the PS3 actually had trouble processing) run. It also effects graphical capability, which is especially important as game companies are under more pressure than they’ve ever been to deliver photo realistic visuals.

The date on which Microsoft are reportedly going to reveal the new console, and, likely several launch titles and the console’s specs and capabilities, is May 21st. While Microsoft themselves have not set the date in stone, several tech blogs with “reputable” sources are claiming the date, and with the big tech convention of ‘E3’ taking place not longer after, that date seems entirely likely.

We’ll keep you posted when we know more about Microsoft’s brand new Xbox.

Source : CNN

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