Gravity Defying Robot

You might have seen insects and reptiles crawling on walls and defying gravity. Now be prepared to see a man made creation do the very same thing. You could call it a breakthrough technology where a robot uses supersonic air jets to stick to just about any kind of surface in any give position.

Recently released is a model of a robot that has the capability of sticking on to any given surface. It might take you by surprise but at the same time is very true. It is not science fiction but part and parcel of the real existing world. Technology has seen great developments and this is yet another one that is sure to set the standards in many future projects.

Since a long time efforts have been on to create something that can climb up walls – probably something like Spiderman. But this is not an easy task to accomplish. It means going against the natural gravitational force. Efforts have paid off and a robot has been created that can climb up walls. Rather it moves up walls and on ceilings using a pair of wheels. And all this has been accomplished using the Bernoulli principle.

The Bernoulli principle says that with increased movement the pressure of a fluid decreases. This robotic gripper makes use of this very principle in which air acts as its fluid. As air is squirt out around the edges of a gripper at a very fast pace it results in the creation of a vacuum. This vacuum is strong enough to help stick on to a surface. The best part here is that the object does not have to touch the surface. This quality could prove to be of great importance when handling delicate and fragile items. The Bernoulli principle might be well equipped for lifting and handling small objects but when it comes to large pieces it might see a small set back.

Researches in this field have proved to be successful and now the University of Canterbury in New Zealand has given shape to a gripper that is five times stronger than its predecessors. This gives it enough power to carry its body uphill and move across all kinds of surfaces.

As of now it is not clear regarding the usage of the robot. But one thing is for sure that once it is created it is going to make a place for itself in every given industry.

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Via: Spectrum Ieee