Really Warm Grey Knight Armored Hoodie

It is not really cold at the moment and in much of Northern hemisphere, it is the middle of summer.


Nevertheless, someone has decided to go ahead and announce a hoodie that looks really warm. In fact, the hoodie seems to be inspired by a protective armor.

The Grey Knight Armored Hoodie seems to be inspired by the many armors that we come across in Warhammer 40,000, a 1987 tabletop miniature wargame.

It has been designed by Chadwick Dillon and looks really nice, but probably he could have added something to cover the hands.

That would have made the hoodie unbearably hot but the winter is not faraway and it is not a bad idea to do some winter shopping before everyone turns up at the store.

The model who wears the Grey Knight Armored Hoodie looks a little grim, and I bet the weight of the hoodie is pulling him down. If you are planning to get this hoodie right at the moment, you are in for some tough luck as it has been sold out.

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