New Skateboard Ideas Aren’t Really Functional, But They Are Fun

Ponder this: How would you like to go down the street on an invisible skateboard? How would you successfully do a board flip on a skateboard made of nails? 

Skateboards come in a variety of styles available these days. But what if, instead of having a picture of a sandwich painted onto the skateboard, your actual skateboard was made out of a sandwich? (Hold the tomatoes please.) Or what if your skateboard was made out of a patch of grass? French Artist Arthur King thinks about this and more by creating unusual skateboard designs out of the last though you would ever expect a skateboard to be made out of. And while these skateboards aren’t necessarily functional, (I do not really recommend going down hill in a skateboard made of egg cartons), they are quite interesting to look at!

Sandwich Skateboard

Wood Log Skateboard

 Food Tray Skateboard

 Grass Skateboard

 Egg Carton Skateboard

 Bed Skateboard

 Keyboard Skateboard

 Musical Skateboard

 Briefcase Skateboard

 Apple Crate Skateboard

 Stack of Cards Skateboard

 Stack of Clothes Skateboard

 Bed of Nails Skateboard

 Camcorder Skateboard

 Invisible Skateboard

 Stack of Books Skateboard

 Sponge Skateboard

(Via: Toxel)

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