Guitime: Time Telling for the Guitarist

No matter where you are and what you are doing, you always need to keep tab of the time. And the best gadget you can have for this is a watch. If you are a guitar player you should not settle for any simple watch but one which is especially designed for every guitar player out there. Yes, you heard it right. It is Guitime that you need.

Guitime is a watch that has been designed keeping guitar players in mind. And these can be even more useful if you are performing on the streets and need to keep note of various things, most important of all musical notes. Take a look at the watch. The shape itself will tell you that it is closely related to the string instrument. The sleek and stylish looks are very similar to that of an electronic guitar.

Let us take up each feature one at a time. The face of the watch is divided into two. There are two digital displays, the top one tells the time while the bottom one gives the beats per minute (BPM). There are two tiny buttons on both left ends of the display area. These are related to the BPM functionality. By pressing them you can turn it off or on. These buttons also help you adjust BPM. Acting as a metronome it also vibrates to give beats.

Being a music related device it gives you quite a lot of musical information. The tuner features include a microphone that receives signals, a curvature display bar and a note display area. The curvature display area runs along the left arch of the device and shows how sharp or flat a note is. The note display is located at the center of the curvature display and displays the note being tuned on the instrument.

Having a guitar is not enough. You would need a pick to play it and the Guitime is well aware of this requirement. Between the face and base of the device is a little space that acts as a pick holder. Picks are available in a range of colors to satisfy every taste.

From the Hong Kong based designer Elvis Fung, comes a device that has multiple functions to suit every guitar player. A single device serves as a metronome, a tuner, a pick holder, and last but not the least a watch. And all this is packed in an attractive looking guitar shaped gadget. It not only looks good but functions amazingly.

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