Give Your Sweetheart a Gummy Bear Version of Yourself

Valentine’s may be over, but not for this sweet shop in Japan, where they can make a gummy bear version of yourself via 3D scanning.

Japan’s FabCafe in the Shibuya district has been known for their sweet confections and the most creative ways by which they serve them. This year, they decided to go high tech and allow their clients to have full-body replicas of themselves in the form of gummy bears.

Gummi Person 2

For about 6,000 yen, or approximately $65, one can get a computerized 3D scan of his whole body, which will be used as template for the gummy bear mold. Of course, this service is offered on a first come, first served basis, so gallant gents will have to line up to get enlisted to become gummy bear models.

Gummi Person 1

Not much info was provided as to how many pieces of the gummy bears or gummy bodies will be produced, or how big each piece is. Viewers from across the globe commented that it might be even better if the gummy bodies were life-sized. How about that for a sweet giant gift that will also give your loved one a giant tummy ache?

According to sources, FabCafe opened up this promo just in time for the nationwide celebration of White Day. Just a little trivia: Every year during Valentine’s Day, it is the women who give gifts to the men. A week later, during White Day, it is the men’s turn to reciprocate to their significant others, and give them gifts in return.

These real-life human gummy bear replicas will surely be a great way for fellows in Japan to surprise their ladies.

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Via Gizmodo