Timelaps Video of Gundam Robot Assembly

Suppose you want to move a giant replica of Gundam from an artificial island to Tokyo? Very carefully, of course. A series of time-lapse video has documented the process.The giant model of the robot originally resided on the artificial island of Odaiba. In 2009, the statue was rebuilt piece by piece in 2009 in the city of Tokyo. It’s a 1/1 replica of the Gundam RX-78-2 as it appeared in the original anime series. A bunch o videos show off exactly how they did it, starting with the legs and going all the way to the head of the robot. The videos are all very impressive to watch, and they all have some good electronica-based soundtracks. They’re perfect for accompanying the visuals, because they suit the futuristic feel of the Gundam robot. Sometimes, it seems one could be forgiven for mistaking the streets of Tokyo for the set of a science fiction movie. It seems that the country always has one foot in the future.

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