Japan Bans Competitive Light Trucks From Streets

Add this one to the “only in Japan” file: the country has banned light trucks from the roads, citing safety concerns.

People in Japan seem to love taking things that are already awesome, such as big rig trucks, and taking them to a whole new level of awesome that is insane. The “Dekotora” culture loves taking big trucks and putting lots of bright lights and designs on them, even the occasional chandelier inside. It’s hard to believe that the photo is real, but people actually do this. People are car crazy in America, but usually the most extreme mod you’ll see are those spinning hubcaps or low-riders. Apparently, the trucks can only run for about 20 minutes before overheating. They’re owned by family groups, who are very competitive regarding their trucks.

Light truck 1

Light truck 2

Light truck 3

Light truck 4

Light truck 5

Light truck 6

These trucks, however, often contain so many lights that they even the huge diesel trucks can’t handle them, requiring extra generators to keep them lit. The effect can also be blinding on people who actually share the roads with these monsters. So the Japanese government has banned them from the country’s highways, and probably for good reason.

But the Dekotora culture will still customize their trucks, ban or no ban. Whatever these monsters lack in taste, they make up for in sheer awesomeness. They look like the Vegas version of Transformers, except for the transforming part. I suspect that given Japan’s reputation for excellence in engineering, that’s only a matter of time.

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