Hacked Apple TV Runs iOS Apps

A team of hackers managed to find a way for Apple TV to run iOS apps. Using modded software for the iPad they were able to run apps on the big screen.

hackers ios on to apple tv

Ever wondered what it would be like to play Angry Birds on a large screen? Some talented hackers and modders found a way to bring everything you know and love about the iPad to Apple TV.

According to our source, an Irish iOS developer and hacker named Steven Troughton-Smith managed to jailbreak a second generation Apple TV and run iOS apps in full screen at 720p high definition.

hacked apple tv

Working with a team, he managed to mod a custom springboard using a window managing program for the iPad which allows the user to run multiple apps side by side. Troughton-Smith hacked into the application and spent two days modding it before it was ready for use on an Apple TV.

Troughton-Smith is hardly new to modding and hacking the iOS platform. In the past he’s managed to get Siri to work on an iPhone 4 and iPod Tough. Unfortunately the mod isn’t publicly available at this time, but the team hopes that things will change.

Troughton-Smith is looking forward to the day when developers can start creating custom apps for the Apple TV. He recalls that back in 2007, the growth of unofficial apps led to the creation of the iPhone apps store, and he’s hoping that the work he and other modders are doing will lead to Apple TV receiving the same treatment.
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