20 Awesome Hand Painted Shoes for Kids

Have you ever bought cool hand painted shoes for kids? You’re probably eyeing that certain model or brand of sneakers for a new pair of shoes for your kids (or niece/nephew or grandsons/granddaughters). For whomever it may be, why settle for the bland and ordinary ones when you can get them some very unique yet cool and special hand painted shoes for kids. There are now tons of handpainted shoes for kids available that would make any child to look more adorable than they already are. Adults can have their own pair, too!

Take a look at some of these awesome handpainted shoes for kids here:

1. Disney Junior’s Bingo and Rolly Puppy Dog Pals Handmade Shoes

Kids who are crazy about Disney Junior’s Puppy Dog Pals cartoon can use a new pair of custom shoes that shows their favorite show. Do you agree? Then go grab a customized pair now, which is available in Garanimals, Vans or Converse. Take your pick!

2. Lion King Handpainted Shoes

As the Lion King film said, Hakuna Matata. Do not worry because Simply Stephanie Art can offer you a nicely-made Lion King handpainted Vans shoes. This seller makes sure that every pair of shoes are unique to the owner and is also offering customization requests. And you can find more cool hand painted shoes for kids on her store.

3. Minecraft Hand painted Shoes for Kids

If you enjoyed the Minecraft web series too much, then, why not grab a pair of customized Minecraft Vans shoes. This cartoon can also be painted on Faded Glory shoes for kids! Grab a pair or two here.

4. Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol Handmade Canvas Shoes

The cute dogs of Paw Patrol can join the adventures of any kid through this handpainted shoes. You can request to have your favorite characters from the gang on either a Vans or Garanimals pair.

5. Stranger Things Custom Shoes for Kids

Loved Stranger Things and the gang at Hawkins, Indiana? Get into new real-life adventures while wearing these customized Stranger Things shoes. You can choose from a pair of Converse or Vans shoes for kids or adults. You can order for your toddler, too, this Etsy seller is also offering Stranger Things shoes using a pair from Garanimals. Default shoe color is black, but you can make a request for the color that you like. So far some cool hand painted shoes no? Get ready as we have a lot more of hand painted shoes for kids below.

6. Rick and Morty Custom Shoes for Kids

You can now display your geekiness for Rick and Morty through this pair of custom painted shoes, which can be painted on a black Vans or a highcut Converse pair. For added customization, you can send Rick and Morty images you’d like to be painted on your shoes. Get your pair here.

7. Toy Story’s Woody and Buzz Lightyear Handpainted Shoes For Kids

Undoubtedly, Toy Story movies’ stories, including Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s friendship is one for the books! For kids who loved them, you can give them a pair of Vans that’s handpainted with the best Toy Story characters. This design is also offered for babies and toddlers, too. Order here.

8. Aladdin, Jasmin and Genie in Handpainted Canvas Shoes

Take your feet to a whole new world through these handpainted Aladdin shoes. You can choose your preferred stills, which will be painted on a pair of Vans or high-top Converse in black or white.

9. Nemo and Friends Hand painted Shoes

Let kids get under the sea just by having this Nemo and friends handpainted Vans sneakers. This customized pair of shoes is also available in Garanimals for toddlers.

10. Winnie The Pooh Hand painted Shoes for Women

This Winnie the Pooh custom shoes is for the ladies who love the gang from the 100 Acre Wood. Bring Winnie the Pooh and the other members of the gang on your next pair of Vans by ordering here.

11. Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and Castle Hand Painted Shoes for Women

How about going for that classic Walt Disney cartoon? This pair of Vans handpainted with Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, and the castle, will definitely be a good reminder of your good old days, watching your favorite cartoons. Also a great pair to wear on a trip to Disneyland!

12. Ninja Turtle Customized Handpainted Converse Shoes

Cowabunga! These pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-designed Converse shoes will definitely cute for your toddler!

13. Moana Handpainted Nike Slides and Canvas Shoes

Kids will definitely go far with this pair of Moana handpainted canvas shoes. It’s also available for walker babies and toddlers. For all we know, they may take their official first independent step with this pair.

Yep, even your kid’s new pair of Nike slides can be handpainted with these Moana design. You can request for other Moana-inspired designs, too! Add these to your cart now here.

14. Disney’s Cars Handpainted Shoes

Just like how Lightning McQueen enjoys speeding off on the race track, you or kids can now comfortably walk on a new pair of Vans or Converse that’s handpainted with McQueen and his friends. Order a pair here.

15. Lilo and Stitch Handpainted Shoes for Women

Lilo and Stitch had their fun as best pals. Ladies, if you enjoyed their adventures together, why not order a pair of shoes that shows their fun times together. Get your here.

16. Pokemon Gotta Catch ’em all Handpainted Shoes

If you love catching Pokemons on Pokemon Go or you just enjoy the TV series, this could be sign that this pair of custom shoes is for you. Grab your own Pokemon shoes now.

17. Lego Ninjago Painted Shoes For Kids

Looking for gifts for a kid who loves Ninjago? This pair of handpainted Wonder Nation shoes can be a great pick! You can get to pick the characters or frame that you want. Order here now.

18. Batman and Joker Handpainted Shoes for Kids

Introduce DC superhero Batman and his nemesis Joker to kids through this pair of custom shoes for toddlers and kids. Order your pair of customized shoes for the kids here.

19. Disney’s Frozen Handpainted Custom Vans Shoes for Kids

If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes that’s apt for the upcoming Christmas season, this could make the list. The pair is available in Vans and Faded Glory brands for kids, and Vans and Garanimals for toddlers. Bring together Elsa, Anna, Sven, Olaf into a pair of shoes by making your purchase here.

20. The Lion Guard Shoes for Kids

Happen to have kids or know little ones in your circle that love The Lion Guard? Give them a pair of this Lionguard handpainted shoes that’s available in black on Garanimals, Vans and Converse. It’s also available in white in Vans and Converse.

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