15 Geeky Crochet Doll Patterns

Now, there are tons of crochet doll patterns you can get to create your favorite characters. This only means that geekery and your hobby in crochet can now go together!
Walyou has collected the best geeky crochet doll patterns that will be helpful in giving you a step-by-step process in creating a good copy of the characters you like. So, take out those yarns and get these crochet doll patterns that speak your favorites.

1. Homer Simpson Crochet Doll Pattern

crochet doll patterns

The Simpsons has a certain charm that has made people laugh at every episode for years and years. If you’re one of the followers of this brilliant and funny cartoon show, why not work to create the funny patriarch of the Simpsons family? We all love Homer; he’s not very brilliant, but creative and hilarious.

This doll pattern is perfect for people with intermediate skills in crochet. If you are such and you love the Simpsons, start getting the pattern here.

2. Deadpool Crochet Doll Pattern

Our Marvel antihero, Deadpool, is loved by many because of his kickass moves and topnotch humor. Then why not make a Deadpool crochet pattern?
Deadpool, our immortal Marvel assassin, has all the time in the world to wait for you to finish the crochet doll pattern.
This Deadpool pattern includes detailed step-by-step process and photos, as well as other tips and tricks. The finished product is a cute six-inch Deadpool crochet doll with a removable katana sword.

3. Toy Story’s Bo Peep

crochet doll patterns
If you’ve seen the Toy Story 4, you’ve seen the transformation of Bo Peep into a kick ass toy lady. You might’ve loved her then, but loved her more noe in her role in saving Woody and the other toys.
Now, you can own your own Bo Peep, and gladly, this one won’t have a broken arm. Get your Bo Peep crochet doll pattern, and don’t let her become a lost toy,  okay?

4. The Legend of Zelda

As a Nintendo gamer, you must have experienced Link’s adventures a multitude of times. More excitingly, a new Legend of Zelda game is set to be out really soon. To celebrate this, how about creating a Link doll through this crochet doll pattern?
The pattern gives you a cute copy of Link, complete with his gears and weapons. Take this as a different style of adventure and get Link’s crochet doll pattern here.

5. Star Wars’ Yoda & Leia

crochet doll patterns
As Yoda would say: do or do not, there is no try. But if you know how to crochet, dare I say do it.
I bet crochet experts-slash-Star Wars fans would love to spend time in these Star Wars crochet doll patterns. This is a great deal since you just don’t get one, but two of the most iconic characters of the Star Wars series.

6. Game of Thrones’  Daenerys Targaryen 

We may have lost Daenerys Targaryen, but Game of Thrones fans will always have the memory of her courage. And also as the girl who bore the three great dragons.
By getting this crochet doll pattern, you get to own an 11-inch full-body Daenerys Targaryen crochet doll. This is perfect for Game of Thrones fans who are already skilled with crochet doll patterns. Get yours here.

7. Paw Patrol Dogs Crochet Doll Patterns

crochet doll patterns
Loved following the adventures of the Paw Patrol? Why not embark on your own adventure by creating the Paw Patrol yourself through this crochet doll pattern? By buying this, you don’t get one one, but patterns for all eight dogs!
These crochet doll patterns will create a cute 8-to-10-inch dolls using yarn cotton Aran. Here’s a bonus, the seller is willing to communicate with you if you get lost in the way while making these patterns. So, reach out to her through this link now.

8.  Pokemon’s Pikachu Crochet Doll Pattern

Pokemon geeks no longer need to try to catch Pikachu. If you know crochet, you can make your own Pikachu by getting this crochet doll pattern.
Complete this with crochet hooks, yarns, sewing needles and stuffing materials, together with your crochet skills. End result is an at least 3.75-inch Pikachu crochet doll for yourself.

9. Guardians of the Galaxy’s Baby Groot 

crochet doll patterns
This tree creature could potentially be the cutest Marvel creature, do you agree? Who doesn’t love Baby Groot anyway?
To make this Baby Groot crochet doll pattern, apart from the yarn, you will need acrylic, crochet hook, stitch marker, wire safety eyes and stuffing. Once it’s done, you’ll own a 7.5 x 5.5-inch Baby Groot doll with posable arms that you or the kids can display or play with.

10.  DC Comics’ Batman 

For those who are into crochet and Batman, the hero of Gotham City, this is now your chance to own a Batman crochet doll pattern
To create your own Batman crochet doll pattern, it’s preferred to use a 2.00-mm crochet hook with black grey and flesh yarns, felt, wool needle and stuffing — either cotton or wool.  The end product is a 5.5-inch tall Batman.

11. DC Comics’ Wonder Woman 

crochet doll patterns
Or perhaps you prefer another kick ass member of the DC family, that is Wonder Woman. 
Wonder Woman is one of the bestselling crochet doll patterns of the seller. It’s no wonder why; Princess Diana of the Amazons is just so lovable, right? Get your Wonder Woman crochet doll pattern here.

12. Star Wars’ R2-D2 

Star Wars geeks could only wish they can have their own R2-D2 in real life.But if you know crochet, at least you can create your own R2-D2 doll with this crochet doll pattern. End result is an at least 7.8-inch R2-D2 doll (or bigger with a thicker yarn). Get your pattern here.

13. Nickelodeon: Spongebob and Friends Crochet Doll Patterns

crochet doll patterns
We all had some laughs in watching the adventures of this sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Good news is, you can bring Sponge Bob Square Pants at home, you can even bring the whole Bikini Bottom gang along. 
By getting this package, you get seven crochet doll patterns to help you create your favorite Bikini Bottom characters.

14. Marvel’s Iron Man 

Iron Man has entertained us from the Marvel comics and in every Iron Man and Avengers film. If you love Iron Man, 3000, here’s the crochet doll pattern for you. 
To create this, you will need additional items, such as pipe cleaners, poly-fil stuffing and craft felt. When completed, your Iron Man doll will stand 13 inches tall and will have poseable arms and legs!

15. Rick and Morty Crochet Doll Pattern

crochet doll pattern
Rick always comes up with out of this world ideas and science projects. This time, you could create your own version of this funny and weird mad scientist that is Rick, by getting this crochet doll pattern.
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