Reddit User Creates Handmade Nintendo Risk

You won’t be bored (teehee) with this Nintendo take of the classic board game Risk made by a creative Redditor.

Nintendo Risk image 1

Having never played a round of Risk before in my entire life, I might finally give in and play this Nintendo-flavored version of the Hasbro strategic board game created by one sole person, a Redditor user named after his project, NintendoRisk.

Normally, in a true game of Risk, players conjure up their inner Napoleon – the once Emperor of France, not the ice cream flavor – to defeat opposing armies run by their rivals and occupy every territory on the map in order to become the primary ruler of the world. Sweet, eh?

Nintendo Risk image 3

In this gaming specialized version though, the world up for grabs is a Nintendo-based one, where many of the company’s well-loved gaming properties are geographically represented on a giant map, for example, Super Mario World’s Dinosaurland, The Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule, or Metroid’s Planet Zebes.

Everything about the game is jam packed with Nintendo love, including the game tokens and cards used to play it. Apparently, there’s over 100 Hero and 42 Territory cards belonging to the set, each one delightfully designed to match its theme.

Nintendo Risk image 2

It doesn’t surprise me at all then that it took NintendoRisk seven years to make this superbly imagined, board game behemoth… which may or may not be in the crosshairs of Nintendo’s crack team of legalese.

That also means I highly doubt we’ll ever get a chance to play this game. A dang shame, too; I can see a whole lot of people wanting to try their hand at it. Maybe someone should contact NintendoRisk, oh say Nintendo, and make this beauty a real possibility, hmm? Come now, this is a winner winner, chicken dinner idea that must be made for real!

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