Handy Salt Meter Measures the Sodium Content of Your Food

In the past, the food was a lot more healthy, so people didn’t need to pay that much attention to what and how they ate. Since fast-food has spread all over the world and the quality of the food has generally become worse, we have to be more careful to what we put on our plates.

The Handy Salt Meter comes to the rescue when the food sodium content must be monitored. Of course, besides the salt content of their meals, people should also be prudent about the calories and the cholesterol. When eating out, it’s not that easy to find out just how much sodium is in a dish, but with the help of this little gadget, things could take a different turn.

Using the Handy Salt Meter couldn’t have been easier. All you need to do is to stick its thinner end in the food, so that the sensors touch the dish and read the sodium content.

After waiting less than a second, the gadget will indicate on a color-coded scale how much salt is there. The colors pertain to certain concentrations that range between 0.3 to 2.0 percent. Reading the results is equally facile: the darker the color, the more dangerous that food is for your body. Basically, foods that contain more than 2 percent salt should not even be touched.

The Handy Salt Meter requires four 1.5-volt LR44 batteries to run, so if you intend to purchase one, make sure you have some of these handy.

As expected, there’s a catch to it. The Handy Salt Meter can only be used on foods whose temperature ranges between 60 and 80ºC (140 and 176ºF). In other words, the sodium concentration of solid or cold foods cannot be calculated.

There’s also the problem with the hygiene. Before using this product, you should make sure that it’s clean. Preferably, it should be sterilized, but I doubt that many people would go through the trouble of doing that just to use the gadget for a few seconds. Also, after using the Handy Salt Meter, people should clean it up again. While this is an interesting product, people might grow tired of using it after a few days. Still, if they care about their health, they should continue using it.

Thanko sells this gadget for $19.80, but the ones wanting it will have to wait a while, as it’s currently out of stock.

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