Play Foosball Anywhere With The Most Compact Foosball Table Ever

Thinking about the perfect add-on for the office, are you? Well, here goes an idea. Meet the greatest, most compact fossball table ever.

Compact fossball table 1

The office might have some dull time here and there, but we just know the right thing to help the workers stay motivated during that downtime, and that is this creation by the Bordbar crew. They turned old food and bar carts from airlines into a full entertainment set with a foosball table on top, that can be wheeled anywhere.

The cart retails for $2,100 USD, but that’s an investment, not a setback. Just think of the satisfaction once you beat your colleagues at the office. Particularly Tom, in accounting. Someone really needs to wipe that smug smile off of his face. “Take that, Tom!”

Compact fossball table 2

Source: Gizmodo

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