Great Villainous Love Story – Harley Quinn & The Joker

What’s the best comic book couple? In my opinion, although they don’t really have a defined relationship, it’s the Joker and Harley Quinn. Insanity, obsession, romance, hatred and violence all bound together in one crazy bundle of death.

Things Getting a little bit Sexy

There’s a lot of obsession going on between the two at times

Enjoying Chaos Together

Joker & Harley, Chibi Style

Hammer Time

This one reminds me of Bonnie & Clyde

A wedding in the animated show style

Partners in crime

Shades of romance

Kiss of madness

The best way to describe the relationship without words

Links to the artists’ pages (if we managed to find them) are in the headlines above every image. For more Joker awesomeness, check out these scary versions of the best comic book villain ever made, or if you’re into cosplay, sexy at that, why not check out this quite satisfying steampunk cosplay of Batman’s biggest thorn in his side.