Become the Ultimate Superhero at Brooklyn’s Superhero Supply Shop

Need to know where to go to get the best on capes, gear, lab supplies, and other odds and ends to outfit your lair and make you the quintessential superhero? Head on over to Brooklyn’s Superhero Supply Shop!

At some point in our lives, whether it be childhood or adulthood (face it, adults have thought about it too), we have all wanted to become a superhero. Wearing a unique costume and armed with a variety of weapons and powers, we would go out on the streets, beating up the bad guys and saving the good guys. But aside from makeshift toy guns and Halloween costumes, most of us really lacked all the requirements needed, including those all-too-important superpowers. (Where’s my x-ray vision or super strength!?!?) Well, if you are ever in Brooklyn with your list of “ingredients” to become the next best thing in superheroes (so a cool comic book will be written about you as well!), then stop off at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store!

Aside from costumes and capes, you will find anything you need to become the kind of superhero you have always dreamed of. It is here where you can buy mind control powers, lightening speed, and ultra-quick reflexes. You can even get fluid for cloning, cans of gravity, and grappling hooks. Yes, you can buy all that, and so much more. If you have $42 million sitting in the bank, then you can even buy an invisible jet the store has on stock!

Of course this shop sees an influx of customers during the weeks prior to Halloween, but the store is open all year round for those looking to buy some extra muscle or even get de-villainized in the store’s patented De-Villainizer machine, helping people rethink any of the choices they have made in the past to become better people in the future. However, if you do buy anything from the shop, you will have to recite the Vow of Heroism – the store’s way of ensuring that the stuff you buy is used for good, and not for evil.

And like any good superhero, or superhero shop in this case, the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Shop is actually a front for a non-profit organization that tutors school children throughout New York, encouraging them to write. Behind the hidden door of the shop is where you can find this action and where the real superheroes are!

(Via: Oddity Central)

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