Harry Houdini Google Doodle Celebrates his 137th Birthday

Harry Houdini would have been 137 years old today, if he hadn’t died prematurely and could magically live for such a long time. In order to celebrate the historical Magician, Google has added a new Google Doodle featuring Houdini with broken cuffs on his birthday anniversary.

harry houdini magician birthday google doodle

Harry Houdini was born as Erik Weisz and, throughout the years (even after his premature death), has attained the status of one of the greatest magicians of all time. He amazed many during his era and is still respected highly by successful magicians of today. While he was performing magic shows throughout, baffling people left and right, he also was on a quest to expose frauds of the supernatural. This, of course, made him more than just a magician.

He died over 80 years ago, but is still an inspiration for fans and magicians worldwide. It is wonderful that Google helps us remember such important personalities and provides a tribute for so many to see. Moreover, if the doodle is clicked, then you will be provided search results of the infamous magician.

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harry houdini birthday doodle

Image: Wikipedia